Learn.Energise.Connect Melbourne 2019

Wednesday, 04 December 2019, 8:30 AM - 3:45 PM [AEST]

215 Bell Street, Preston, Vic, 3072, Australia




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Event Information

Wednesday, 04 December 2019, 8:30 AM - 3:45 PM [AEST]

About the Event

Learn. Energise. Connect.




Venue: Mantra Bell City, 215 Bell St Preston (Parking included).


Date: Wednesday 4th December 2019 - 8:30am - 3:45pm


Come along to a full day of workshops including General/Further Maths, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics, Learning and Assessment, STEM using Texas Instruments Technology.


There will be 24 Workshops to choose from on the day, no need to pre book

 Full program here


Certificate of Participation will be provided.


Catering will be provided (Halal, Vegan & Gluten Free options available).

Cancellation policy

Please email pdrego@list.ti.com or call Amy on 1300 138 140 if you need to cancel. 

Thank you!

Event Location

About the Organizer

In addition to breakthrough classroom technology, TI also provides professional development for teachers as well as free activities and curriculum content.


Event Speakers

Rodney Anderson
Moreton Bay College

Rodney is a senior Mathematics teacher at Moreton Bay College. He has been teaching with TI calculators and TI computer software from the TI-81 through to the TI-Nspire. He is passionate about using TI technology to collect and analyse data to enhance student understanding of STEM in the classroom. Rodney shares his experience through presenting at conferences around Australia and at T3 International conferences.

Peter Balyta
Texas Instruments USA

Peter Balyta, Ph.D., is vice president of academic engagement and corporate citizenship for Texas Instruments, and president of its Education Technology business. He is responsible for leading teams that focus on the mission of teaching, learning and being inspired by STEM subjects and the impact TI makes in the communities in which it operates. This includes several groups and programs that span TI, all of which aim to help students develop a strong educational foundation, setting them up for future success in a workforce that increasingly demands STEM skills: Education Technology, a global business that delivers market-leading science and math learning products, teacher professional development and classroom resources for the K12 market. The university program, which works with university engineering faculty and students to facilitate the inclusion of TI technology in the learning experience. Collaboration with university engineering research faculty to work on life-improving research projects. Corporate citizenship, which is accountable for the company’s social, environmental and economic impact around the world through community and employee engagement and philanthropy. This includes investments that improve access to education and STEM subjects. Before starting his career at TI in 2000, Balyta was a mathematics educator, math and science district supervisor and a TI Teachers Teaching with Technology™ (T³™) instructor. In his roles at TI, he has brought his enthusiasm and experience from the classroom to support and drive TI’s education vision of equipping and inspiring future generations of leaders and engineers. Balyta holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and technology education from McGill University; a master of science in mathematics from Concordia University; and a master of business administration from the University of Texas at Dallas. He remains an educator at heart and is passionate about engaging today’s students in STEM subjects to build the problem-solving and critical thinking skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce.

John Bament
O'Loughlin College

John is a technology fanatic! In the calculator world he is bilingual, meaning he is very comfortable working with the TI-Nspire and TI-84. Of course his skills don’t stop there; he has a wealth of mathematical problems and activities that bring both these platforms to life. John has presented at conferences around Australia and at T-Cubed International (USA & Europe). Hobbies: John is from the NT and loves wrestling crocodiles!

Curtis Brown
Texas Instruments USA

Curtis Brown currently works as a Math Specialist at Texas Instruments Inc. He taught mathematics and AP® Statistics for several years and then joined the National Math and Science Initiative as a Statistics Specialist. Since starting at TI in 2015 he has led many content development projects including the Math In Motion series. Not a computer programmer by training, he has found a love for coding in TI-Basic, particularly for the purpose of teaching mathematics. In his spare time he enjoys kayaking and fishing with his sons and spending time with his family.


Russell Brown has been using Texas Instruments calculators for more than 20 years. He is one of Australia’s gurus on Texas Instruments calculators, CAS and data logging. If you can’t get something to work, chances are he has already tried it, tested it and solved it!

Craig Browne
Ignatius College

Craig has been teaching for 26 years. In that time he has taught all year levels which includes Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics at Year 12 level. He has used TI technology all of his teaching career. Craig has been active in offering PD to teachers in the schools that he taught at, as well as at other schools and has presented at the Tcubed international conference. Craig is keen in helping colleagues getting the best use out of the technology when teaching Mathematics.

Jody Crothers
Ridgeview Secondary College.

The Man, The Maths and the Mayhem! Jody is a passionate educator who has travelled the world with his calculator. A self-described Maths Humourist, his energetic and enthusiastic approach to learning is evident in the classes he teaches, the activities he develops, the professional learning he delivers and the jokes he lamely shares with others. He is currently learning about coding on the TI-Nspire CX and the TI-Innovator hub, between regular trips to Bunnings with his son.

Stephen Crouch
Frankston High School

Stephen studied Mathematics, Physics and Astrophysics at Monash University. He currently teaches Years 11 and 12 Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods at Frankston High School. Stephen has also contributed to designing Written Examinations for Specialist Mathematics Units 1 and 2. He is a passionate user of TI technology, both as a student and teacher, and has presented at conferences such as LEC.

Danijela Draskovic
Education Consultant


Hayley Dureau
Mt Waverley Secondary College

Hayley is currently a Mathematics Teacher and Leading Teacher – Head of Student Voice at Mount Waverley Secondary College in Melbourne, Victoria. Hayley was awarded the CHOOSEMATHS Outstanding Secondary Teacher Award in 2018 by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. In 2017 she was awarded the 2017 George Alexander Foundation Fellowship, allowing Hayley to undertake applied research in the area of Student Voice and STEM Education in Denmark in 2018. In 2016 she received the Victorian Department of Education and Training Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year award, allowing her to undertake further studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (The Art of Leadership: Improving Schools). Hayley was a 2016 ACEL New Voice in Educational Leadership Scholar, and In 2015 she was awarded the VicSRC Teacher Advisor Award. Hayley is currently studying a Masters of Instructional Leadership at the University of Melbourne, and is a member of the Department of Education and Training’s Education State Guiding Coalition. Hayley has shared her work in Student Voice with educators in Australia, and world wide. She presented at the Canterbury West Coast Principal’s Association conference in February 2018, and in the USA at the University of Vermont International Seminar for Amplifying Student Voice in 2017. As a senior Mathematics teacher, Hayley has presented to pre-service Mathematics teachers at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University and, as a Texas Instruments Teacher Trainer, Hayley has presented to Maths educators at various Mathematics conferences across Australia.

Peter Flynn
T3 Trainer/Mentor

Peter is an Educational Technology Consultant with Texas Instruments Australia. He has been a mathematics education teacher for over 20 years and has a keen interest in the effects of CAS on teaching, learning and assessment. Peter generously shares his experience via mentoring and conference presentations both locally and internationally.

Tim Grabvoszky
The Hutchins School

Tim is currently a Mathematics teacher at The Hutchins School in Hobart, Tasmania. He has previously held positions of Head of Mathematics at the Hutchins School and also at Canberra Grammar School in the ACT. He has been teaching Mathematics for over 20 years and has taught in a number of Australian States and Territories. Tim incorporates technology into his daily teaching and is a passionate educator who likes to see mathematics come alive.

Bozenna Graham
Wesley College

Bozenna is a Senior Mathematics teacher at Wesley College in Melbourne, Australia. She has been teaching VCE Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and IB High Level Mathematics and Mathematical Studies for the last 18 years. Her multiple roles as a VCAA assessor for Specialist Mathematics, IB examiner and Deputy Chief Examiner for IB Higher Level Mathematics, writer and presenter for Mathematical Association of Victoria and Pearsons Australia and Subject Matter Expert for HL Mathematics Pamoja Education are valuable experiences enhancing her teaching. Her journey with Texas Instruments started many years ago in Poland, when studying for her Master Engineering degree; she had a chance to replace a slide ruler with a scientific TI calculator. It was a big technological jump those days. The next encounter happened at Melbourne University when she first used the TI graphics calculator. From this time on, Bozenna has been using extensively Texas Instruments technology in her teaching. That includes the latest TI Nspire and TI Nspire CAS with the Navigator. As T-Cubed National Trainer, Bozenna attended and presented at several T-Cubed conferences, recently in Orlando, Florida. Bozenna is an enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to inspire and motivate her students. She is passionate about using technology in the classroom, discovery learning, and learning through explorations, investigations and peer discussions to make sure her students become successful learners.

Chris Ireson
Melbourne High School

Chris has been teaching Mathematics at Melbourne High School for over 30 years. In his current role, he is passionate about trying to get boys excited about learning how to use their TI-nspire CAS CX Calculator efficiently and effectively, beginning in Year 10 and culminating in Year 12 with their final examinations. To achieve this, he has written instructional material, projects and recorded videos on using the CAS Calculator. He has presented at LEC Days, the MAV Annual Conference and the T3 International Conference.

Joanna Kyprianou
Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College

Joanna is an experienced Mathematics Teacher and Accreditation Leader at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College in Sydney, Australia. She has been teaching mathematics for 13 years. During this time she has taught all levels of the NSW HSC courses, including Extension 2 Mathematics, and has also taught the International Baccalaureate Mathematics courses; Mathematics Higher Level, Mathematics Standard Level and Mathematical Studies Standard Level. While teaching these IB courses, she began using the TI-Nspire Graphics Calculator along with the rest of the IB staff and students at the College. Joanna became the go to person when staff or students needed support with the calculator. In order to best support everyone, Joanna wrote an iBook on using the TI-Nspire across all IB subjects, over the course of 3 years. This iBook is available on the iBooks Store and has sold copies in the United States, Australia, and across Europe, assisting IB students and teachers on a global scale. Joanna is a dedicated educator with a strong desire to support her students and colleagues. This is demonstrated by her winning the Outstanding Supervising Teacher Award from UNSW in 2017, and successfully mentoring colleagues in completing their Proficient and Experienced Teacher Accreditation.

Brian Lannen
T3 Instructor/Mentor

Brian has been teaching for over 30 years in Victoria and NSW. He has taught Physics, Maths and Science in schools, university and TAFE colleges, was a curriculum consultant in NSW and New York and has contributed to a range of text book writing projects. He now teaches in the Diploma in Engineering course at Wodonga Institute of TAFE as well as running his own consultancy business, Murray Mathematics Curriculum Services.

Sanjeev Meston
Flinders Christian College

Sanjeev is an internationally experienced Mathematics, Physics and STEM educator. In his 34 years of teaching, he has participated and presented at several Mathematics and Science International and National conferences. Sanjeev also is a STEM resource developer. He has held several positions of responsibility as an Educator like Head of Curriculum, Head of Learning and Teaching, Head of Mathematics and Science faculties. He currently is rendering his services to Flinders Christian Community College. Sanjeev has experience in teaching the VCE (Specialist, Methods & Further and Physics courses) IB, HSC, IGCSE and Indian Curriculum.

James Mott
Suzanne Cory High School

James is the current Head of Mathematics at Suzanne Cory High School. He is interested in how TI-nspire CAS technology can be utilised by teachers to enhance students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. James is passionate about developing the TI-nspire CAS skills of teachers and students in order to create customized resources; whether that be visual teaching aids or assessment-based files to improve efficiency and accuracy with solutions. He has written instructional material for his students, and has presented at the MAV Annual Conference.

Frank Moya
T3 Instructor

Frank has taught secondary school mathematics for over 30 years; more recently, he has worked as a mathematics consultant and is involved in teacher support and curriculum development. Frank has also been a TI technology trainer with T3-Australia for more than a decade, and been a presenter at many national and international conferences. A key area of interest for Frank is the use of rich tasks and investigative approaches to promote deeper conceptual learning of mathematics, including the use TI-Nspire CAS technology to support these approaches.


Raymond is a senior educator at RMIT University, in the School of Education. He is currently teaching VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. He has been active over many years in writing numerous trial examinations for Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics, as well as presenting end of year revision lectures in Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. Raymond is also well known for his involvement in writing senior mathematical textbooks for Jacaranda Wiley, as well as regularly presenting at conferences incorporating the use of TI- Nspire into senior classroom activities. Raymond is passionate about the use of CAS in the classroom and in his spare time when not playing with his CAS calculator he plays competition table tennis.

Roger Wander
T3 Instructor

Roger Wander has taught secondary mathematics in both government and Catholic schools in Melbourne, Adelaide and Minnesota, USA from 1975 to 2007. His M.Ed studies at the University of Melbourne led to his move in 2008 to the Mathematics Education group at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education as a Senior Research Officer in the Texas Instruments-sponsored New Technologies for Teaching Mathematics project, which investigated the use of TI-Nspire CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) in middle secondary classrooms. His most recent research was with the Teachers’ Statistical Literacy project, investigating Victorian teachers’ ability to correctly interpret NAPLAN statistical data. He has also presented numerous workshops and professional development sessions for mathematics teachers through the ACER Institute, Texas Instruments, the Melbourne Catholic Education Office and the DEECD’s Bastow Institute. Consultancy work includes workshops conducted for teachers on activities which promote correct language use in mathematics instruction, numeracy throughout the secondary curriculum and utilisation of technology to promote geometric and statistical investigations using real data. He was involved in trialling of ReSolve Project materials in conjunction with Dr Jill Vincent in late 2016. Presentations in the past few years include the following: Sharing Inspiration – T^3 (Teachers Teaching with Technology) Europe [Texas Instruments’ STEM-related conference; Brussels, Belgium; March 2017) – CAS Technology use in the Mathematics classroom T^3 International Conference (Dallas/Fort Worth, March 2015) International Conference MAV December Conference (2014, 2015) ICOTS9 (the International Conference on Teaching Statistics), Flagstaff, Arizona; presentation of a co-authored paper on the TSL project; July 2014 Guest lecture on MGSE MTeach program, University of Minnesota School of Education; July 2014

Neale Woods
Distance Education Centre Victoria

Neale Woods teaches senior level mathematics at the Distance Education Centre Victoria (DECV). He is an experienced T3 trainer who has presented many sessions at state, national and international conferences. Neale has written teacher resource material for the TI Australia Activities website and participated in TI Webinars. He has also written textbook and online material for Australian publishers.